HOW NovaTech...."checks all the boxes" that we look for when researching safe and sustainable passive income opportunities.

1. Established, Professionally run, and        Fully registered company.

2. FULLY transparent company who            trades  BOTH  Cryptocurrency and  Forex

3. Run like a business with CEO, COO, CMO, etc, ALL of whom have experienced the same questionable business practices as all of us. They have vowed to do it right.

4. They ARE international, but also licensed in the US

5. They ONLY pay out from profits they make

6. The average 3 to 4% payout per week and have for the last year

7. If NovaTech never got a new member, not a dime of “new money” they would still pay us profits each week and commissions. NOTHING would change

8. Truly passive income. We get paid on our trading balance.  Sponsorship is NOT required, but can significantly increase earnings….7 ways to get paid.

9. Funding is easy, and will get even easier with the into of NovaPay, which will include each member having a Prepaid Visa Debit card to use worldwide.

10. Support is readily available on multiple levels, from the company and via the Profit Servant team. Join for free at